Athens Massage at its best!


For the ultimate Athens massage experince...

Massage in Athens was never easier or more enjoyable. We are located in the centre… where the heart of the capital beats, where the old city meets the new…

Massage in Athens, between the Acropolis, Syntagma and Monastiraki, in the streets where the atmosphere is different…

It has the mystery of the ancient city, where everywhere you look you see the remains of a bygone civilization.

We are there, where the massage was called kneading , in a place of special aesthetics, with the aim of relaxing our visitor.


Massage in Athens with a view of the Acropolis...

Our many years of experience in the field and continuous development make us the ideal choice for anyone who needs rest, relaxation and attention.

All our partners are professional massage therapists, fully trained, promising to give each individual, what you need from a session.

This space was created by people who have passion and dedication to what they do, and who want to offer something special and introduce to the world of massage even those who have not yet experienced the massage ritual.

Our place is ready to welcome you warmly with a view of the Acropolis!

We are confident it will become your favorite place!

Massage in Athens with a view of the Acropolis...
jacuzzi massage

Our team!

Our team consists of experienced professional massage therapists who are dedicated in providing you with the very best massage experience...
spa therapist

Ioanna is a professional massage therapist who is specializing on athletic and deep tissue massage. Book a massage session with her for a great massage experience!

valery masaz
massage therapist

Valery comes from Indonesia.

She has a wealth of experience in massage and spa centers in Thailand and Hawaii. 

She is an expert on Balinese massage, traditional thai massage,  thai oil massage and  lomi lomi massage.

If you are looking for something authentic and out of the usual… then Valery is your perfect choice!

massage therapist

Stavroula is a spa therapist and an aesthetic professional, and has many years of experience in various body and face treatments.

She specializes in Deep tissue massage and lomi lomi massage.

For anyone who wishes to have a superb massage experience… Stavroula is an excellent choice!

spa therapist
Lili is a spa therapist with extensive experience gained in Constantinople’s spa -hammam baths. 

Soapy massage is her favorite massage. and she makes it perfect, as she is using a special hammam soap that will offer you relaxation and tranquility.

spa therapist
Daniela is a spa therapist and an aesthetic. 
She is specialized in relaxing massage and candle massage as well as aromatotherapy. 
A great choice for everyone!
massage therapist

Body Massage

Χαλαρωτικό μασάζ

Relaxing massage

60 minutes: 50€
90 minutes: 70€
If you have never had a massage in your life, relaxing massage is the one that, will introduce you to its art.

With the help of essential oils and our warm atmosphere, we start our session caressing the body with  circular movements, muscle kneading and vibrations…

Aθλητικό μασάζ

Sports massage

60 minutes: 60€
90 minutes: 80€

It includes intense pressure on trigger points, stretches throughout the body and if necessary, suction cups!

For these reasons it is considered necessary for all athletes as it is a necessary treatment for the good health of their body. It is what an athlete really needs!

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE - athens massage at its best

Deep tissue massage

60 minutes: 60€
90 minutes: 80€

It is a dynamic treatment, which with the help of essential oils and the CBD products we use in our treatment center.

We combine our excellent technique, which contains finger pressure, fists, palms and elbows, in places such as the back, waist and neck, achieving the full discharge of the body and its well-being.

jacuzzi massage with a view of the acropolis

Jacuzzi Massage

60 minutes: 110€
90 minutes: 160€

Share unforgettable moments with your spouse or relax alone.

Live a unique experience, which we offer in our space inside the jacuzzi, drinking wine or champagne with  the iconic view of Acropolis, while our warm therapeutic touch relaxes your body and spirit.

candle massage

Candle Massage

60 minutes: 65€
90 minutes: 85€

Candle massage is unique because, in addition to its therapeutic properties, it also offers aesthetic benefits, due to the emollient properties of its essential oils, such as the deep nourishment and hydration of the skin.

So depending on the needs of your skin, we adjust the essential oil we want our candle to have in order for you to accept its care.

ashiatsu - athens massage at its best

Barefoot Ashiatsu Massage

60 minutes: 80€
90 minutes: 110€

A completely dynamic massage, for you who feel that fatigue overwhelm you.

In this massage the technique used is that of gravity. The therapist uses her body weight and controlling it completely, all movements, pressures and presses are made by her legs.

Try it from the best

soapy massage

Soapy Massage

60 minutes: 100€
90 minutes: 150€

Massage with hot water and soap. Detoxification and hydration massage. Ideal for sensitive skin that does not need oil or any other material.

Massage the whole body with the soap, making a relaxing massage. Indulge and enjoy a relaxing massage with soap!

balinese massage

Balinese Massage

60 minutes: 70€
90 minutes: 100€

Balinese massage is a traditional massage of Indonesia and specifically of Bali. This type of massage immediately relieves pain, as it stimulates blood flow and warms the muscles. This massage requires calmness and relaxing sounds.

Our place is therefore ideal, because it is warm, welcoming and the treatment room is designed so that the visitor relaxes.

Μασάζ ζευγαριού

Couple Massage

60 minutes: 100€
90 minutes: 140€

Share with your partner or a friend, a massage of your choice and indulge in a relaxing experience in the same room.

Massage can become your favorite shared habit, which will bring you closer, strengthen your relationship while at the same time resting and relaxing you.

levander aromatherapy

Levander Aromatherapy

60 minutes: 60€
90 minutes: 80€

Aromatherapy has been known for over 5,000 years, since we first used herbs as an alternative method of relaxation, rejuvenation and invigoration.

In our session, you will indulge in her aroma which will be in the room from the beginning and then through her oil.


thai oil massage

Thai Oil Massage

60 minutes: 60€
90 minutes: 80€

Thai oil massage is the combination of traditional Thai massage with Swedish massage.

They are two techniques that target the energy lines of the body, in order to release muscle and joint tension, creating a sense of balance and wholeness.

μασαζ αθηνα - exotic mango massage

Candle Massage with Cannabis

60 minutes: 65€
90 minutes: 85€

The unique substance of cannabis helps severe muscle pain and mental fatigue.

The cannabis wax session is also a solution to insomnia as it is highly relaxing. Help yourself  with the beneficial properties of this plant!


Ολιστικό μασάζ

Holistic Massage

60 minutes: 60€
90 minutes: 80€

In holistic massage, the therapist, through the energy he receives from the patient, is able to use mixed techniques as he aims at a spiritual level.

In this massage session the person should not be like in any other massage. He should be relaxed but also focused on the therapist’s touch.

μασαζ αθηνα - exotic mango massage

Exotic Mango Massage

60 minutes: 60€
90 minutes: 80€

Revitalize your body with mango butter, rich in antioxidants and minerals, vitamins A, E, C, B.

Get rid of dry and dehydrated skin, easily turning it into smooth and shiny skin.


traditiional thai massage

Thai Traditional Massage

60 minutes: 80€
90 minutes: 120€

Thai Traditional Massage is the massage that is at the top of everyone’s preference! It is applied to the floor above in a thin layer while its characteristic is intense stretches and pressures on the energy lines, discharging tensions. The patient here is completely relaxed, as he is in a passive position.

The movements are all performed by the experienced therapist.


aloe vera hydration

Aloe Vera Hydration

40 minutes: 30€

An ideal moisturizing product after the sun is Aloe Vera which contains a high content of vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B3, B6 & B12 , add Aloe to your massage treatment and feel thirsty skin fill with hydration.

μασάζ αθήνα

Only Jacuzzi

30 minutes: 40€
60 minutes: 70€

If you wish to relax alone or with your partner with just a jacuzzi and your drink, try it!

In the specially designed jacuzzi room. Enter the warm water and enjoy its whirlpool!

buttock massage

Buttock Massage

30 minutes: 40€

Strong massage in the area of ​​the buttocks with the hands or madero therapy wood, using a special oil with elements that help the action of the massage.

With this massage we achieve, local increase in blood circulation, improvement of the orange peel appearance, tightening, fight against cellulite and prevention of retention.

back massage

Back Massage

30  minutes: 40€

A massage of particular beneficial ability for the body, as it works deep in the muscles, consequently activating circulation and restoring muscle elasticity.

It helps with neck stiffness, areas of accumulated tension, chronic pain, muscle spasms.

hair food

Hair Food

30 minutes: 30€

Now you can enjoy your walks and vacations undisturbed, knowing that you are fully protected from UV radiation.

It contributes to healthy and hydrated hair, as it nourishes and revitalizes from the scalp to the ends.

lomi lomi massage

Lomi Lomi Massage

60 minutes: 70€
90 minutes: 90€

In lomi lomi the therapist uses fingers, thumbs, palms, hands and elbows, where his movements resemble a choreography that tries to restore energy and calm the body.

It treats the body and mind as a whole, releasing tension and eliminating toxins as it promotes rejuvenation of the body.

Μασάζ Ακρόπολη

Acropolis Massage

60 minutes: 60€
90 minutes: 80€

Using various pressure techniques and taps on energy points and muscles, we bring relaxation into your life.

Techniques of Thai massage, relaxation massage, Deep tissue massage, barefoot massage, bring wellness to your life.


aloe vera hydration

Cannabis Massage CBD

60 minutes: 100€
90 minutes: 140€

Enjoy any type of massage, with the unique and beneficial abilities of cannabis gel or cannabis wax.

•Balances oiliness or dryness of the skin

• It has an antioxidant effect.

• Strongly acts on tired muscles, for a much more effective massage treatment.


4 Hands Massage

60 minutes: 100€
90 minutes: 140€

Four hand massage is performed by two therapists at the same time, with coordinated movements and with greater emphasis on the muscles and energy points of the body.

Two energetic touches and pressures on the stress points, help much better and faster to discharge and rest the body.

ενυδατικό μασάζ

Hydration Massage

60 minutes: 70€
90 minutes: 90€

After we have clean skin of dead cells and impurities, we apply a special cream according to our needs, enriched with essential oils of our choice.

After leaving the cream for a few minutes, we start our relaxing massage so that, in addition to being absorbed, we also achieve complete relaxation of the body and mind.

Facial Massage

The best massage in Athens

massage in athens

Facial Treatment

30 minutes: 30€

Clay face mask, to balance oiliness. Then facial condition with hyaluronic acid and facial massage with cream, for rejuvenation and freshness.

χαλαρωτικό μασάζ

Facial Anti Aging

30 minutes: 30€

Using anti-aging cream rich in vitamins, we massage and make special pads on the surface of your face.

It is ideal for strengthening and firming the oval of the face, tightening and toning the muscles resulting in a youthful appearance.

Considering your needs, in addition to the excellent quality of our services, we also offer you unique prices!

Massage in Athens with a view of the Acropolis

Athens Massage at its best!




Please be at the reception 10 minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment.

  • For your own peace of mind, put your mobile phone on silent.
  •  Before visiting Galaxy massage for a body care or massage, please take a shower.
  • For your own safety, you are not allowed to use our service benefits after consuming alcohol.
  • Please be respectful of the venue and its staff.
  • The cost of the service is prepaid, regardless if for your own reasons you leave early, before the full duration of the service is completed.
  • If you are late for your own reasons, the duration of the service is reduced accordingly.
  • In our premises, only massage services are provided and no erotic services of any kind, charges are only for massages as listed on the menu.
  • By making an appointment, you automatically accept Galaxy massage rules and regulations. In any other case, Galaxy massage will exercise its legal rights to the full.


Please note: In case of cancellation of a massage or any other service, please inform us at least 3 hours in advance of your appointment.

Otherwise,you will be charged 100% of the price of the appointment.

Contact Information​

Address : Petraki 30, 105 63, Athens

Telephone : +30 6936 998 401

Email : info@masazathina.gr

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